September is California Wine Month! 

September is California Wine Month, and we’re celebrating by talking about some of our favorite wine regions in the golden state. In the last installment, we’re visiting Lodi! 

A Magical Visit to Lodi

What used to be the “Old Vine Zinfandel Capital of the World” has blossomed into a region with more than 110,000 acres of vineyards comprised of 100 different grape varieties. Sitting east of the Sacramento River Delta in San Joaquin County, Lodi encompasses seven sub AVAs and was named “Wine Region of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast in 2015.

Recently, a few Young’s associates visited three producers in the area with large, professional operations and humility to boot. The weekend kicked off at Michael David, where we explored the range of varieties found in Lodi. We tasted their big red hits, but also unique varietals they have the ability to experiment with considering the region’s climate, like Souzao.

We experienced their claim to fame with the Ancient Vine Cinsault. The grapes used in this wine come from Bechthold Vineyards, believed to be the world’s oldest surviving Cinsault vineyard.

Next up was Bogle Winery, undoubtedly a large operation, sitting at the edge of Clarksburg. They consistently churn out high-quality varietals, thanks to a state-of-the-art production line. We learned first-hand about the extensions near and dear to us, like Juggernaut and Phantom.

Last but not least, we visited LangeTwins. When you think of family-run, you think of LangeTwins. The three siblings were all on property and excited to tell us about the wine they make. Each member of the team knew their place in the wine-making process. From analyzing each grape’s capacity to grow in the climate to predicting trends for the region, they know their land and how to tend to it while simultaneously experimenting with non-traditional varieties like Ancellota and single vineyard Chenin Blanc.

Each producer we visited truly embodied a family-run vineyard. A shared commitment to Lodi’s sustainability program titled “Lodi Rules” unites them, each vineyard following more than 100 regulations to remain sustainable. The warm climate and cooling breezes of Lodi lend themselves to truly special grapes, and thus, delicious wines.

Try a Lodi Wine Today! 

– Michael David, Petite Petit Lodi Petite Sirah

– Bogle Vineyards, California Old Vine Zinfandel

– LangeTwins, Lodi Midnight Reserve Red Blend


About the Author

Emily Samoska is a Wine Educator at Young’s Market Company. Emily has spent the last year as Wine Manager in Los Angeles and is a Certified Specialist of Wine. She hails from Chicago, where she spent many years working on-premise with wine around the city. In her free time, you can find her enjoying a nice meal with a great glass of wine – lately, an Italian white. She loves the way wine encompasses hospitality, culture and geography.