A Spirit of Responsibility

Dedicated to the Communities We Serve

At Young’s Market Company, we understand that we are a part of a larger community and that we must challenge ourselves every day to make sure that, as a company, and as individuals, we are making a difference by supporting the efforts of our employees, suppliers, customers and community.

Alcohol Responsibility

At Young’s Market Company, we believe that responsible consumption is a partnership. Together with our supplier partners, customers and communities, we continually promote responsible drinking and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

As a distributor of beverage alcohol, we are extremely sensitive to the importance of our role and responsibility to be a positive example.

We are proud to provide education programs for new hires and continued education programs for all current employees and senior management teams. We provide a taxi program to ensure that our Young’s family gets home safely and responsibly, on or off the clock. If someone in our Young’s family needs additional help managing the use of alcohol, we also provide Employee Assistance Programs as a resource for confidential consultation.

Environmental Sustainability

With over 3,400 employees across 10 states, we have a great responsibility to be an environmentally-conscious corporate citizen. Our state of the art “Green” corporate headquarters was built to surpass Silver LEED standards. Our fleet of clean diesel delivery trucks are maintained to standards far ahead of CARB compliance. Our state of the art warehouses utilize a low impact temperature control system, minimizing the use of traditional air conditioners. Our office facilities have been built and retrofit to utilize low impact lighting systems, water systems and sustainable materials. At Young’s Market Company, we are investing in our future in a way that is better for our business, the environment, and the communities that we serve.

Adrienne and Vern O. Underwood, Sr. Scholarship Program

Young’s Market Company has always believed in and supported education, both for our employees and in the community. The Adrienne and Vern O. Underwood, Sr. Scholarship Program was established to assist Young’s Market Company, LLC and its affiliates’ employees’ children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at a vocational-technical, two or four-year college, university or graduate school of the student’s choice.

Since its inception in 2000, scholarships have been awarded to recipients whom are selected on the basis of academic record, demonstrated leadership and participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, statement of goals and aspirations, unusual personal or family circumstances, and an outside appraisal.

For more information, please visit http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/youngsmarket

Diversity & Inclusion at Young’s

At Young’s Market Company, we are a diverse, inclusive, high commitment, high performance team that encourages employees to bring their whole selves and individuality to work. Young’s Partner Networks were created to support Young’s diverse culture and to be a resource to the company and its employees. Our Partner Networks provide a support system and a positive forum for information sharing, professional and personal development, as well as education and idea exchange on common issues of interest that add value. Our Partner Networks also help develop, engage, and attract a diverse workforce, while optimizing the strength of the group to meet our overall strategies for growth.

Armed Forces Network

“We believe we have a duty to do our part to help the ones who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom.” – Vern Underwood, Jr

The Underwood family and Young’s Market Company are passionate about supporting the military and assisting veterans. The Young’s Market Company Armed Forces Network was created to support military employees and their families as they transition back into civilian life. We aim to create a veteran friendly workplace where employees are encouraged to utilize the many skills they acquired in the service.

Young’s is proud to partner with and support the Infinite Hero Foundation (IHF).

Women’s Diversity Group

Advancement Through Diversity

The Young’s Market Company Women’s Diversity Group was formed to improve the diverse culture of Young’s and generate a competitive advantage in the marketplace for our employees. We coach, develop, and empower women to be confident contributors within the organization, and to lead a balanced professional and personal lifestyle. We connect, educate and inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to build on the strength and equality of women in the workplace.

Young’s is proud to partner with and support the Network of Executive Women (NEW).

LGBTA Partner Network Group


The Young’s Market Company LGBTA Partner Network was formed to facilitate open and inclusive communication for our LGBTA employees within the Young’s family. Our goal is to ensure policies and practices have their intended effect, identify opportunities to engage LGBTA consumers inside and outside of beverage alcohol, and identify opportunities to recruit high performing LGBTA employees.

Young’s is proud to partner with and support the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Latino American Partner Network


The Young’s Market Company Latino American Partner Network was formed in an effort to immerse, educate and empower Latinos within the Young’s family.  We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment that honors and reflects the values of our heritage, and be an active participant in building the bridge between our culture, our suppliers, and our customers.  We will invest in opportunities that promote professional growth for our members, and increase cultural awareness both within Young’s and the communities where we live and work.

Young’s Market Company has a long tradition of supporting our employees and their passions.  Bonner Paddock, Senior Vice President of Marketing, was born with cerebral palsy. But that didn’t stop him from becoming the first person with CP to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or from completing the Ironman World Championships in Kona four years later. Bonner has committed himself to developing an organization and Board of Directors to fund the establishment of early learning centers to serve children with and without disabilities in Tanzania, Orange County, Austin, and across the globe.  OM Foundation promotes the idea that any person can make a difference if they dedicate themselves to looking beyond their own personal limits to achieve the goal.

The Underwood Family and Young’s Market Company employees have raised over $400,000 and counting in support of Bonner Paddock and the OM Foundation.