A Spirit of Responsibility

Dedicated to the Communities We Serve

At Young’s Market Company, we understand that we are a part of a larger community and that we must challenge ourselves every day to make sure that, as a company, and as individuals, we are making a difference by supporting the efforts of our employees, suppliers, customers and community.

Alcohol Responsibility

At Young’s Market Company, we believe that responsible consumption is a partnership. Together with our supplier partners, customers and communities, we continually promote responsible drinking and the dangers of alcohol abuse.

As a distributor of beverage alcohol, we are extremely sensitive to the importance of our role and responsibility to be a positive example.

We are proud to provide education programs for new hires and continued education programs for all current employees and senior management teams. We provide a taxi program to ensure that our Young’s family gets home safely and responsibly, on or off the clock. If someone in our Young’s family needs additional help managing the use of alcohol, we also provide Employee Assistance Programs as a resource for confidential consultation.

Environmental Sustainability

With over 3,400 employees across 10 states, we have a great responsibility to be an environmentally-conscious corporate citizen. Our state of the art “Green” corporate headquarters was built to surpass Silver LEED standards. Our fleet of clean diesel delivery trucks are maintained to standards far ahead of CARB compliance. Our state of the art warehouses utilize a low impact temperature control system, minimizing the use of traditional air conditioners. Our office facilities have been built and retrofit to utilize low impact lighting systems, water systems and sustainable materials. At Young’s Market Company, we are investing in our future in a way that is better for our business, the environment, and the communities that we serve.

Young’s Market Company has a long tradition of supporting our employees and their passions.  Bonner Paddock, Senior Vice President of Marketing, was born with cerebral palsy. But that didn’t stop him from becoming the first person with CP to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro or from completing the Ironman World Championships in Kona four years later. Bonner has committed himself to developing an organization and Board of Directors to fund the establishment of early learning centers to serve children with and without disabilities in Tanzania, Orange County, Austin, and across the globe.  OM Foundation promotes the idea that any person can make a difference if they dedicate themselves to looking beyond their own personal limits to achieve the goal.

The Underwood Family and Young’s Market Company employees have raised over $400,000 and counting in support of Bonner Paddock and the OM Foundation.