Building Brands Since 1888

 The Estates Group

High-touch, consultative selling associate with a smaller, boutique wine distributor with the logistical advantages of a larger wholesale company.

Young’s Market Company has sold fine wines since the end of Prohibition. Our long history and emphasis in the wine business can be attributed to our family roots; focused on family-owned wineries that share many of the same values and goals.

Our robust portfolio of fine wines spans the world’s most prestigious wine-making regions, from Australia to Chile to the Rhone Valley of France. We believe that the wine business is a people business, and with each wine there is a story, a wine maker and a sales team that delivers on each and every bottle.

We are dedicated to providing our customers valuable fine wine expertise and since 2000, this experience has been located within the Estates Group. Starting as a small group of wine-knowledgeable individuals within Young’s sales force, the Estates Group has quickly grown to a team of over 125 of the industry’s top wine professionals. Operating in five states, we are dedicated to delivering best in class service and value to our customers. The Estates Group offers the unique services required by fine wine suppliers, wineries, and customers…

 Craft Spirits

Explore Our Craft Spirits Portfolio

The craft spirits movement continues to grow at a record pace. 10 years ago there were only 4 licensed American Craft micro-distilleries. Now, there are over 400! These craft spirits brands are small but mighty, and full of character. At Young’s Market Company, we see this as more than a trend – it’s a paradigm shift toward a whole new way of thinking about mixology. Building solid relationships in the mixology community driving the craft spirits movement is imperative.

We are privileged to represent distinctive and unique craft spirits brands. Our goal is to share the unique stories and unrivaled passion behind each and every brand. From small batch bourbons to handcrafted mezcals, our industry-leading craft spirits portfolio truly represents what it means to be craft.

 Craft & Specialty

At Young’s Market Company, we pride ourselves in cultivating innovative ideas and building brands. It is with that same entrepreneurial spirit that we represent our beer client partners.

The craft beer category has seen tremendous growth over the past several years. Consumers are demanding higher quality beers, a larger variety of styles and flavors profiles, as well as a compelling brand identity.

Representing independent American brewers and specialty imports, we continue to expand our portfolio with brands that are authentic, inventive, and true to style.


Young’s Market Company is the premier wholesale distributor of artisanal sake and Japanese beverages. With dedicated sake professionals in our key markets, we strive to demystify this unique category, making sake more approachable than ever before.

Dear Valued Customers,

For over 130 years, Young’s Market Co. has strived to be the leader in wholesale and distribution of spirits, wine and selected beverages. We take great pride in representing artisanal family-owned breweries, distilleries and wineries from around the world, including the makers of our artisanal Japanese Sake, Shochu and Liqueurs.

We represent some of the best importers and producers and their brands. Some are familiar and authentic — others are innovative and cutting edge. We hope you find this booklet useful in exploring our dynamic portfolio, and also helpful in further understanding these wonderful beverages.

Thank you and Kanpai!

We invite you to preview our expanding selection…


Building Brands Since 1888



We are privileged to represent industry-leading brands and supplier partners. From global icons to rising stars, international fine wines to boutique craft spirits to innovative specialty beers, we pride ourselves on our ability to build and grow brands.