Young’s Market Company knows the value of convenience

Young’s Market Company knows the value of convenience.

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Young’s Market Company’s expansion into the state of Oregon. As we continue to invest in Young’s distribution presence in the Pacific Northwest, we are establishing independent operations by July 2019.

We have a product for every occasion, for every consumer, at every price point. We are thrilled to offer this exceptional portfolio directly to our customers and partner with our suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is happening?

A: Young’s Market Company is continuing to invest in the Pacific Northwest market by establishing independent operations effective June 2019. This means we will warehouse our products, process and deliver orders directly to customers.

 Q:  Will I have a new Sales Rep?

APotentially. Beginning in February, customers who were traditionally served by Columbia Distributing have begun transitioning to Young’s Market Company Sales, Young’s Direct or one of our new, specialized sub-distributing partners. Communication about this potential change will come through from one or more of these sources: a visit, phone call or letter.

 Q: Will my delivery and merchandising schedule change?

A: Delivery and merchandising may change based on customer location. This transition will occur in a phased roll-out between April – June 2019. By mid-June 2019, all customers will receive deliveries from Young’s directly or through a sub-distributor.

 Young’s is building up its merchandising team in Washington and starting a merchandising team in Oregon. Merchandising services will transition along with deliveries. Young’s will offer merchandising services on non-delivery days.

Q:  How do I order?

ATo order, contact your Young’s Sales Representative.

Q:  How do I pay?

A: If you need to set up payment to Young’s, these are the options available to you:

– COD: This option requires cash or check at time of delivery.

– Pre-Paid Deposit Account: Payments are deducted from a pre-paid account balance. (Note: Balances will not be transferred from Columbia Distributing; If you have a balance, you will receive a specific communication)

– Bank Payment: Call customer service to set up a payment from your bank.

– Fintech: This vendor will pay Young’s invoices on your behalf.

 Q:  How do I reach Customer Service?

AOn April 22, 2019, Young’s will open a dedicated customer service center to directly serve the needs of our Pacific Northwest customers. In addition to your Sales representative, our service team will be available to answer your questions.

Phone number: 877-426-3565

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

 Q:  How can I find out more?

A: For orders, routes and delivery times contact your Young’s Sales Representative.

For account set-up and payments contact Customer Service at 877-426-3565 (available April 1, 2019).


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