Young’s Market Company is proud to partner with a few of the most prominent mixologists in the industry to bring you a new blog series: Mixology Masters. From new spins on classic cocktails, to industry trends and forecasts, we’re hoping to inspire you to try something new in your bar program!

This week, we hear from Eric Tecosky “ET”, U.S. Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniels, who explores a few fun twists to the classic Jack & Coke.

I’m all for ending a long day at home with a cocktail in hand, but from time to time, you may just want to sit down at a bar, relax and enjoy a moment with an old friend. For many of us, that friend is a Jack & Coke – delicious, reliable and available from corner bars to cocktail bars and everywhere in between. It’s a true classic. 

Also, highballs have been having a moment that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and the Jack & Coke is one of the most recognizable highballs in the world. Lately, I’ve been tinkering with the cocktail – sacrilege, I know! The Jack & Coke is already perfection in a glass, but that never stopped a bartender from putting a spin on a cocktail – myself included! I started playing around with some flavors that I think work well with Jack & Coke and had a few friends on board as official ‘tasters.’ I hope you enjoy what we came up with!


1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

1 ½ oz Coca-Cola

½ oz Simple Syrup

½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

2 slices fresh cucumber

Muddle cucumber. Add rest of ingredients. Shake with ice. Strain over fresh ice into a Collins glass. Garnish with cucumber.


1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

1 ½ oz Coca-Cola

2 oz Pineapple Juice

1 oz Banana Puree

½ oz fresh lime juice

2-3 dashes Aromatic Bitters

Shake all with ice. Strain into a Tiki Glass or Mug. Garnish – lime or mint.


 1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

½ oz Peach Puree

1 ½ oz Coca-Cola 

1 ½ oz Ginger Beer

 Shake all but ginger beer. Add ginger beer to tin. Strain over ice. Garnish – lemon wheel.


1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

1 ½ oz Coca-Cola

2 oz Orange Juice

½ oz French Vanilla Syrup

 Shake all with ice. Strain over fresh ice into glass. Garnish – half orange wheel.


(part Manhattan, part Old-Fashioned)

1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

½ oz Coca-Cola Syrup

¼ oz Light Amaro

2 dashes Aromatic Bitters

2 dashes Orange Bitters

Stir with ice in a mixing glass. Pour over one large ice cube in a double old fashioned. Express orange and lemon peels, and garnish. 

Eric Tecosky “ET” is the U.S. Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel’s. He travels the country hosting whiskey tasting dinners, meeting with bartenders, and developing new cocktails. He spent years behind the bar, mixing drinks at some of Los Angeles’ most famous institutions. His last gig was running the bar program at Jones Hollywood.