Orlando, Florida – May 22, 2016 – CEO Chris Underwood spoke on an expert panel to an industry audience of 350 attendees at the 79th annual NABCA conference in Orlando, Florida. NABCA – the national association that represents states that directly control the distribution and sale of beverage alcohol within their borders – hosted multiple business sessions on new developments in the alcohol regulatory and policy environment. Stephanie O’Brien, NABCA Chair-Elect, moderated a panel discussion on the changing market landscape, with panelists Chris Underwood, CEO, Young’s Market Company, Roberto Serralles, President & CEO, Serralles Inc., Max Shapira, President, Heaven Hill Brands, Julious Grant, Chief Commercial Officer, US Beam Suntory, and John Bodnovich, Executive Director, American Beverage Licensees.

Discussion centered around several timely topics, including whether craft distillers can be successful at large distributors. “Craft distillers and craft brands are thriving in the U.S. and large distributors are a big reason for this growth,” said Chris. “Distributors must adapt to serve the customer. If the large distributors do not adapt to the marketplace, it becomes an opportunity for other distributors, small or large.”