Our culture at Young’s is strengthened by the leadership of our Women’s Partner Network Group. Started in 2012, this employee-led group connects, educates, and inspires women at Young’s through learning sessions, networking, mentoring, and development opportunities. We’re committed to hiring and developing women, and we invest in women-focused organizations. In fact, 2016 marks the third consecutive year that Young’s is sending a delegate of leaders to the annual Network of Executive Women (NEW) Leadership Summit.

This month, we recognize several women who are leading positive change through our Women’s Partner Network Group: Jennifer DePaola, Jessica Kirby, Ayesha Mahapatra, Chantelle Roche, Jessica Van Voorst, and Melissa Venglass. Thank you for your leadership!

JessicaKirbyJessica Kirby is Vice President, On-Premise National Accounts in Pleasanton, California, and co-leader of the Women’s Partner Network Group. “I think it’s important for the women in our organization to have a group that creates a place to network and allows us to learn from each other’s life experiences. I also love that this group is open to men and we encourage them to join,” said Jessica. “My goal is to see more sales reps and mid-level managers become an active part of the group.” A little about Jessica: She loves grapefruit juice, which lends to her drink of choice – a Paloma or Salty Dog. Jessica has been a member of the Young’s family since November 2015.


ChantelleChantelle Roche is Vice President, Wine Programming in Pleasanton, California, and a member of the Young’s family since June 2004. Chantelle co-leads the Women’s Partner Network Group alongside Jessica Kirby. “I’m part of our Women’s group to educate the organization on how the recruiting, teaching, and sponsoring of women’s careers directly translates into company financial success,” said Chantelle. “My goal is to create a forum to support, teach, and encourage networking among women across Young’s 10 states.” Chantelle’s drink of choice is hot tea, because “it reminds me of my mom.”



JenniferJennifer DePaola is Senior Vice President, Human Resources, and Chief Diversity Officer in Tustin, California. “I want to be supportive and clear a path for future women leaders at Young’s Market Company,” said Jennifer. “I had a mentor early in my career who taught me how to stretch and take risks. My goal for that year was to learn how to take a risk so big, I failed. That goal caused me great stress but it also taught me that we only really grow when we are outside our comfort zone and really put it on the line.” Jennifer has been a member of the Young’s family since September 2012, and her favorite beverage to enjoy is a glass of red wine.


AyeshaAyesha Mahapatra is Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Young’s Holdings, Inc. in Tustin, California. Ayesha serves as Professional Development Lead for the Women’s Partner Network Group, and has been a member of the Young’s family since November 2015. “My goal is to encourage company-wide mentoring for employees of different levels as a way to achieve high rates of internal promotion and retention.” Ayesha’s drink of choice is Hendrick’s Gin Martini, up with cucumbers.




MelissaMelissa Venglass is Director, Trade Channel Planning, Off-Premise in Tustin, California. Melissa first joined Young’s in November 1996, and was recently rehired in January 2016. “We invite all men and women to participate in the Women’s Partner Network Group,” said Melissa. “You don’t have to be a member – just come and enjoy one our events! My goal for this group is to pave the way for our daughters and future generations of women at Young’s Market Company and in the wine & spirits industry.” Melissa currently serves as Communications Chair of the Women’s Partner Network Group, and her drink of choice is Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic with lime.


JessicaVanVoorstJessica Van Voorst joined the Young’s family in January 2016 and is Senior Manager, Marketing in Tustin, California. Jessica serves as Secretary of the Women’s Partner Network Group. “I want to be a part of a community that strives for a collaborative culture, and I want to build relationships with inspiring women within our organization,” said Jessica. “I will never forget the two quotes that have been engrained in my brain by a special mentor of mine that has helped me throughout my career: Hope is not a strategy; Don’t confuse efforts with results.” Jessica’s drink of choice is a Tito’s Dirty Martini with blue cheese stuffed olives.