How long have you been with Young’s Market Company?

I have been with Young’s for 2½ years.


What does a typical day at Young’s look like for you?

In my current role as Account Manager, I work to maintain Total Wine accounts throughout California. The Total Wine employees that I engage with day-to-day begin their work at around 4 or 5 a.m., so my day starts at about the same time as I receive both emails and phone calls from my clients arounds the same time detailing the happenings of that day. I have direct contact with each account and all employees within those accounts, as well as our Young’s employees that call upon each store, which includes sales representatives, truck drivers, district managers, and everything in between. My team and I communicate with anybody who has anything to do with product landing at the stores.

Recently, I have also learned how to present new items to Total Wine in an effort to expand Young’s market share for each account. This includes recapping monthly programs for each of our client partners, showing them our execution at the store level, and ensuring that we always have prominent locations and are standing tall at all times. The majority of each day is spent within the stores with teams, learning the ins and outs of Total Wine’s everyday operations. Ultimately, I want to ensure that Young’s is the best possible partner for Total Wine.


What are the reasons you work at Young’s?

I’ll give you three:

First, since I began my career with Young’s, I have been fortunate enough to work with the most supportive teams. I’ve had four different jobs at Young’s, but my loyalty and dedication to the company has remained unwavering throughout.

Next, the happiness amongst all employees at Young’s is clear. One thing I always tell people about my job is that there is something for everyone at this company. I have created friendships in all of my accounts and with the people I get to work with daily. One of the reasons for this happiness is the ability for everybody to find work within their niche. Whether as a salesperson, in the office as a director or in accounting, or even in HR, there is something at Young’s that fits everyone’s personality and likes.

Lastly, there is opportunity for growth! As I said before, in the last 2½ years I have held four positions at Young’s. This company is constantly training and preparing their employees for a future within the company. There are training opportunities with our client partners to ensure that we are as knowledgeable as possible about our products, and we are trained to understand all of the programs we use in the field. We are asked for feedback so that the company can assess how well those programs are working, and we know that our feedback is valued!


About the Expert: Nicole Sanders, Account Manager

Nicole Sanders is the Account Manager for Total Wine. She was born in Temecula, CA, and has been with Young’s Market Company since 2015. She began her journey with the company as a sales representative, moved into a position as the Brown Forman ambassador, then onto District Manager before arriving to her current role. Prior to Young’s, Nicole spent four years with Coca-Cola and eight in hospitality as a server and bartender for JW Marriott.

Nicole received two awards in her first year at Best in the West: Rookie of the Year and Display of the Year. She claims she hasn’t had a bad day since she started with Young’s Market Company and loves sharing her passion with everyone she knows. If she’s not working, Nicole can most often be found with her nine-year-old daughter at various sporting functions.