Tustin, California – February 17, 2016 – Young’s is proud to be the distributor of record for the full portfolio of Serrallés USA brands in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Serrallés USA has chosen to enter a long-term agreement with Young’s as a family-owned distributor with a proven track record of establishing dynamic distribution channels.

The Destilería Serrallés brands appeal to the core spirits consumer, with its broad DonQ portfolio, and they reach the experimenting craft consumer with Death’s Door Spirits. The Serrallés brands add distinctive advantage to Young’s customers looking to differentiate themselves to their consumers.

“We are thrilled to represent Serrallés USA’s innovative brands, as they provide the opportunity to re-engage consumers in critical categories,” said Rick Gillis, President, Young’s Market Company.

Don Q is gearing up to release two new rum expressions later this year, including a limited edition single barrel expression and a sophisticated spiced variant. Just 6,000 bottles of the Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel rum will be launched, with 3,000 cases dedicated to the US and Puerto Rico, and the remaining 1,000 destined for Europe. Aged 10 years, this limited edition 40% abv rum is described to have “a really wonderful woodiness, with tanins and sweeter notes”. The launch is part of a planned series of releases beginning with the 2005 vintage, which will be followed by the 2007 single barrel variant next year.

The Serrallés USA portfolio includes: Don Q Cristal Rum, Don Q Añejo Rum, Don Q Gold Rum, Don Q Gran Añejo Rum, Don Q 151° Rum, Don Q Limón Rum, Don Q Coco Rum, Don Q Mojito Rum, Don Q Pasión Rum, Caliche Rum, Palo Viejo Rum, Death’s Door Gin, Death’s Door White Whisky, Death’s Door Vodka, Wondermint Schnapps Liqueur, Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, Kingle Cream Liqueur, Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel Rum.