Hangar One Vodka is proud to announce its newest flavor, Maine Wild Blueberry

California’s handcrafted Hangar One Vodka is proud to announce its newest flavor, Maine Wild Blueberry. Using fresh wild blueberries from small farms of eastern Maine, the vodka is distilled in small batches and blended with the fresh juices to create an irresistible, smooth flavor.

This will be Hangar One’s fifth flavor, adding to their Straight Vodka, Mandarin Blossom, Kaffir Lime and Buddha’s Hand Citron. Evoking the beauty of Maine and its lazy summer days, Hangar One Maine Wild Blueberry has the ability to transcend the seasons and offer drinkers the opportunity for a fresh, delicious cocktail any time of year. The liquid has a slight purple shade to it, a natural result of the blueberry skins. “We’re excited to offer such an exciting new flavor from Hangar One” says Brand Manager Kensey Davis, “…Blueberry offers a nice balance to our portfolio with its all-natural sweetness and floral essence.”

Over 50% of all wild blueberries come from Maine, where the Northeast climate provides ideal conditions for harvesting. Wild blueberries are smaller in size than regular blueberries, and have a sweeter, more powerful taste. Adding to this unique appeal, wild blueberries are harvested using traditional hand-held berry rakes, employed for several decades past.

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The newest flavor pairs especially well with simple ingredients, easy to find in one’s own backyard. One of the flavor’s signature cocktails, called the “Garden Sipper” incorporates mint and basil leaves, along with a touch of simple syrup and soda. “Hangar One Maine Wild Blueberry is a flavor that can easily stand on its own due to its refreshing, robust taste, but is also complemented with fresh fruits such as lemons, mint or cucumbers,” says Davis.

Hangar One Vodka is an American-made brand using fresh fruit from farms throughout the United States. The unique, small-batch distillation process and all-natural infusions result in a high-quality product unlike anything else on the shelves. Each batch is tasted to ensure there is the perfect balance of fruit, without the harsh taste of alcohol or syrupy sweetness of additives.


Hangar One has become a brand that is respected for their mastery of hand distillation and for their dedication to the use of all-natural, farm-grown ingredients.

Hangar One Distillers, Inc.
Hangar One Distillers is small independent spirits based in Alameda, CA, located just across the Bay of San Francisco in a decommissioned WWII Naval Air Station hangar. As a forefather of the craft distilling movement in the United States, Hangar One Distillers is dedicated to producing the very best spirits, using real fruit and ingredients, one batch at a time. Hangar One flavors include Straight, Mandarin Blossom, Kaffir Lime, Buddha’s Hand Citron, and several seasonal offerings including Fraser River Raspberry, Spiced Pear and Chipotle Vodkas.

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